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John Jr.
James Moving Couch
John Moving Boxes
John Moving Boxes
John Moving a couch
Packaged Item Being Moved

The Moving Company You Can Depend On

A Little About Us

A Local Professional Moving Company Near You

Started by John Stuart and passed on to his sons, All-Save Movers prides themselves on providing a good, honest service for an affordable prices.  Their service and rates cannot be beat.  John and his sons recognized the need for having honest movers for Senior Citizens.  That is why the company specializes in moving seniors.  They have a strong understanding of the memories so many belongings have and even the smallest item is cherished.

All Your Professional Moving And Storage Needs

All-Save Movers has agreements with national and international moving companies, so incase you decide to move from Saskatoon to sunny Kelowna, BC we can help!  Need storage for items that don’t fit into the new house but have too many memories to just let them go?  All-Save Movers has a great business relationship with BRITEBOX Storage Co. in Saskatoon, the cities most trusted Self Storage company.

Contact Us For A Free Quote

Please feel free to us at 306-232-6683 for more information and if you would like a free quote!  We look forward to hearing from you!

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